The Impact of Freedom



Vardhan Wealth Management is an independent firm offering its advisory services through Summit Financial, an SEC-registered investment advisor. We are committed to helping you and your family achieve financial protection, peace of mind and prosperity for generations to come. We do so by creating a complete and tailored plan to manage your needs and goals across every aspect of your financial life.

Our ultimate mission is to free you to do more in life – building on your successes and continuing to make an impact on your family, businesses, communities and the world itself.

Our Unique Identity

“Vardhan” is derived from Sanskrit words meaning “bestower of wealth” and “victory” and is brought to life through our emerald logo to symbolize our commitment to your peace of mind, protection and prosperity.

Vardhan Values

The wealth business is personal, and you deserve to work with a partner whose beliefs and values align with your own. That is why we remain steadfast in our commitment to our core values:


We strive to do the right thing and take responsibility for our actions.


We are sincere and transparent in what we do and say.


We understand and respect each client’s unique situation.


We believe in taking actions that will serve and help others.


We operate in humble dependence and appreciation for clients.

Benefits of Independence

We believe that many big traditional firms have lost sight of the importance of personal service and client relationships. At the same time, the independent wealth management model offers many benefits that give us the freedom to do more to help you achieve your goals and protect your best interests.

That is why we created Vardhan Wealth Management. While we are independent, we have surrounded our firm with top-tier resources and partners, including our affiliation with and offering of investment advisory services through Summit Financial, a leader in the independent wealth management industry.

Fiduciaries who serve your best interests

Objective advice and personalized planning

Comprehensive and transparent reporting

Top-tier research, technologies and solutions

Broader array of resources

Leading custodial partners

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